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Integrate Klaviyo and Kimonix with ease

Miriam from Kimonix

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  • Have a Shopify store with the Kimonix Shopify app installed.
  • Start a plan that includes "personalized email campaigns". (Recommended)

The Kimonix Integration with Klaviyo helps Klaviyo users to easily integrate with Kimonix' campaigns.

The integration purpose is to make it possible to run a personalized Email campaign consists of a personalized set of products per customer.

The benefit of this, is that every customer gets the optimized personalized set of products according to it's shopping behavior.

The personalized product set is being composed by a collaborative recommendation system, that is based on customers past purchases.

Steps to connect:

  1. Connect Kimonix to Klaviyo:

    • Go to Klaviyo's integration directory on Klaviyo Integrations page.
    • Search for "Kimonix" and connect the integration.

After adding the Kimonix integration, you should see the following message:

  2. Create your first Personalized Campaign in Kimonix:

  • Go to Kimonix -> Personalized campaigns -> Create a campaign

3. Press "Create a campaign". In the campaign page, press save > ok (on the preview) > copy the HTML code:

4. Edit your Klaviyo campaign, press "Edit email" and paste the HTML code you have just copied.

5. Press "Save", and your campaign is ready to launch!

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