How to activate Product Reviews integration

Use product reviews parameters as part of your strategy

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Please note: for Yotpo integration, please refer to this Yotpo integration guide. For all other providers, keep reading this guide :)

Before you start with the setup, make sure you understand the benefits of product reviews. Here are some vital information on the subject for you:

  • How to integrate product reviews to influence your shoppers? Read our blog post.
  • Use product reviews in your merchandising strategy. Read our blog post to learn how.

Good to know: The app currently supports the following providers: Loox, Yotpo (different setup guide),, Growave, Stamped and Shopify's product reviews app.

If you use a different provider and want to integrate it with the app, let us know and we will check what can be done.

Once the setup is complete, you will be able to use 2 additional data parameters: Reviews avg. and Reviews number.

Use the parameters dictionary to learn more about each.

Ready to setup? Let's go ->

Step 1: On the app, go to "Settings" -> Product reviews section.

Step 2: Turn on the toggle -> Reload the page after up to 20 minutes.

Step 3: See the status below the toggle shows "Connected".

That's it! Your reviews provider is connected and you can use the reviews parameters as filters and sorters to complete your merchandising strategy!

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