How to change your Analytics Parameters Time Frame?

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When using sorters (and filters) for your collection, you incorporate Analytics Parameters that operate within a defined time frame.

Let's take the “Sales Quantity” parameter as an example. If you set this parameter as a sorter and your time frame is set to 30 days, the products will be arranged based on the quantity they've sold specifically within that 30-day period.

By default, and as recommended, the time frame is initially set to 30 days. Nevertheless, you have the flexibility to customize this time frame within the range of 0 to 90 days.

To change the time frame:

  • Go to "Settings" -> "Data analysis period (days)".
  • Modify it to your preferred time frame (0-90).
  • Save your changes.

This adjustment enables you to tailor your analytics parameters to match the time frame that best suits your needs.

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