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What is a collection update?

Kimonix is based on data analytics parameters (your sorters and filters), that change dynamically with your store operation.

When sorting collections by analytical parameters, it's crucial to ensure your collections stay updated accordingly.

As your customers make purchases, the Analytics Parameters values for each product change dynamically, and this requires the collections to be re-sorted based on the updated product data.

Continuous updates of a collection guarantee that the right products are always prioritized at the top, aligning with your merchandising strategy.

During an update, The Shopify admin sends your app the updated data, and the app updates your collections. 

There are 2 types of updates: 

  1. Automatic updates
  2. Manual updates

Automatic update frequency:

The automatic update frequency is based on your subscription plan.

  • Basic: Updates once a day
  • Starter: Updates twice a day
  • Advanced: Updates 4 times a day
  • Superior: Updates hourly

When exactly does it happen?

There isn't a fixed, specific hour for updates, such as 2 p.m. Instead, let's illustrate with an example: If you have the Starter plan, which allows for 2 updates per day, these updates are evenly distributed over the course of 24 hours.  In this case, 24/ 2 equals 12, so your collections will be updated approximately every 12 hours.

Manual updates:

You can always perform a manual update to update your collections on the spot. You can do it for only one collection, all of them or just a few. Read more about manual updates in this article.

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